Welcome to the Farm!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all?

Have all the conveniences of living in a city with a dash of the country life mixed in?

Teach your children (and yourself) the value of growing their own food without the stress of running a farm?

Have control over how your herbs, fruit and vegetables are grown and maintained without worrying about pesticides and other nasty chemicals?

Learn to respect our precious environment, especially the incredible balance between animals and plants and become a part of this wonder?

Move towards a more sustainable way of living and make the most of what we have available to us?

Well you CAN have it all!

This blog aims to share tips, stories, information and anything else that we think is helpful and useful in setting up, maintaining and enjoying a suburban farm in the 21st century.

We are a young family living in suburbia and have built a wonderful home for ourselves where we are learning all about nature, farming, animals, building, creating, cooking, nutrition, sustainable living and making the most of the bountiful life that we have been blessed with.

From owning chickens to teaching children to cook, growing your own herbs to knowing the function of the food you grow, enjoy a snap shot into daily life on the MacNeil Family Farm and be inspired to make your own suburban farm!






One thought on “Welcome to the Farm!

  1. housewifexhouselife says:

    I’m super excited for this blog! I’m in the process of setting my family up for sustainability in an urban setting, so I’m excited to be able to read how someone else is going about their journey!


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